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Top 5 Benefits of video marketing for your business

Research has been come out in which found about 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. That is the reason why 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute. you can say this is a demand for watching a video is enlarging.
 People have no time to read the whole newspaper or articles but we agree some of them are exist who likes to read (Help to reduce stress, imagination, promotes comprehension, etc.). Which is good but watching video is most prefer than the reading.

Video is not just for entertainment it can be educational, motivational or help to create a brand. So people are using to its market to own products. You want to know what are the benefits of video marketing for your business? Here list of the top list of video marketing.

Top 5 Benefits of Video marketing

Enhance your brand throughout the world

Your brand is everything if you capable a build powerful brand with the video by presenting information, entertainment, to your own customer. Then you can beat your customer and can go forward to your own competitor. By creating an emotional and engaging video you can remember your brand for a lifetime to your own customer. It will allow connecting with them emotionally. So take benefits of video marketing for the growing small and big business.

Video tells who are you

Some people get confused about what your is about and what offer you are giving. Video is the simplest way to tell who you are. As you know 35% of people remember your video when they watch without sound, 75% of people remember your video when they watch and listen and last but not least 98% of people remember your video when you will make a video with the beautiful story(which should be connected with them).

Video will boost social media engagement

Billions of people are using the social media platform like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram where they share information content and entertaining from own friend, groups or relative. So upload a video on these platforms where people share your content. Consider if your video is about providing SEO tips and tricks to promote website then create an informative video and let it viral if your video is much effective then it would be possible.

Video marketing improves SEO ( Search engine Optimization)

 You heard some stories A great YouTuber who has started his channel to giving knowledge of SEO tips and tricks to promote a website on youtube. After sometime later that he has started a website. Along with this, his website also gets popular because of his video or it can vice versa. So the popularity of his video helps to get more traffic on a website and improve visibility on the search engine result. You can do this or you can upload a video on your website to increase engagement to the visitor and also boost your CTR. IT will enhance your conversion rate and sales.

Video Marketing increases the Mobile Traffic

In the modern world, people are likes to watch video on mobile in comparison to the desktop. In research have been found advertisers are more focused on mobile marketing because they found more satisfying results when they video market on mobile. so now you have been known what are benefits of using video marketing. That why people are more preferred video marketing as compared to text or images ads.

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