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How to web designing helps to improve Ranking?

Everyone, like to see, beautiful things, we decorate our house to attract the guest. Just like that if your website is engaging and draws the attention of visitor And helpful to the search engines to navigate the website easily. Then the chance to enhance your website traffic on the SERP. Most of the website owner do this for own website. Here we will guide you on how to web designing helps to improve ranking and the best place to learn web designing. There so many digital marketing training institutes in Delhi where you can learn how to optimize your site.

5 Powerful Ways to improve Ranking

1.        A Great (UX) User Experience: We all know content is king of your website but if your content is not customized properly then the possibility of bounce would be increased (bounce rate- bounce rate measure how much time a visitor spent on your website. If visitor moves back from your website without any clicks, scrolls or visiting the same web pages and stay more than 30 minutes then you can say that is the bounce of your website.) So the bounce is directly proportional to your content and web designing. If you customize it then you can back off of your competitors on Search Engine Results Pages.
2.       Improves your page speed: Sometimes we insert so many images, video or irrelevant material that why our website speed gets slow down and consequently our page rank goes down. So what is the solution to it, you should minimize your images size without the low-quality images. The second option installs a plugin (cockies consent) in your WordPress website which helps load faster than before.
3.       Placed Social Sharing: Social sharing indicates your site is trustworthy and use feels comfortable. It is must important to place a better place on your web pages. So that visitor easily shared your content on social media. And indirectly you will get more benefits from it to placing social media icon in the right place.
Improves Ranking On SERP

4.       Mobile-friendly website: According to the survey, WARC estimates that around 2 billion people currently access the internet only their own phone. This is most important to optimizes of your web pages according to the mobile user.it will be most effective to drive more traffic on your website. As we already know this would be easy for who is expert in SEO but you can also easily acquire this knowledge on top best online reputation management company in india.
Be aware of H1 headings: The heading is like what information is your web page is providing. The user is rarely engaged in the overall content and gets more attracted to the headings

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